Distribution Services

Printed Matter offers distribution services on behalf of artists in three primary ways: through our Chelsea storefront, our online catalog, and our art book fairs and other off-site events and projects. We distribute 32,000 artists’ publications annually and believe the dissemination of artists’ publications is one of the best ways to bring increased visibility, understanding and appreciation to the field. The physical distribution of these publications as affordable and broadly available works is a central element of the medium itself, and underscores how artists books function as a form of public art, while simultaneously offering an individual experience.

An open submission policy is at the core of our effort to present a diverse range of material from the broadest community possible. This policy invites any artist or publisher to submit their work to be considered for sale in the shop. Artists’ books that are taken into stock are sold on consignment, with the aim of returning as much of the proceeds back to artists as possible. Beyond the in-store sales of these works, we promote the work of artists represented in our inventory through public programming, off-site projects and partnerships, this website, and via Printed Matter’s social media networks.

The NY Art Book Fair (39,000 visitors annually) and the LA Art Book Fair (35,000 visitors annually) provide a unique distribution platform for Printed Matter inventory, and help to generate a new audience for artists’ books. In addition to our own fairs, we also take part in various offsite events around the world.

We also offer wholesale distribution services to booksellers internationally.

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