Book Circle

One of the most impactful ways to offer your support to Printed Matter is by joining the Book Circle. Three times a year Book Circle members will receive a thematic selection of artists’ books chosen by our Executive Director. These represent a mix of some of the best independently published artists’ publications, as well as some out-of-print gems, signed works and other special projects. This is a fantastic way to support Printed Matter while receiving some of the most interesting, hard-to-discover books delivered to your front door.

Book Circle members also receive 10% off most purchases in-store and online, free entry to the NY and LA Art Book Fair previews, special promotions, and invitations to Members-only events.

A year long Book Circle membership is $1000; $750 is tax-deductible.

Questions? Please write to

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Horvitz apples
Invitation to Printed Matter’s Book Circle, Photograph by David Horvitz (2012)
Circle cover
Invitation to Printed Matter’s Book Circle, Designed by Benjamin Critton (2012)