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We invite you to join us as a Printed Matter Member! New Friend and Supporter Level Members receive specially created editions by artist Tauba Auerbach. These works build on the artist’s interest in fractals and mathematically-driven ornament, expanding the sartorial “marginalia” category of offerings of Tauba’s Diagonal Press.

Members at every level also receive:
* Special premiums, books and editions
* 10% off most purchases, online and in-store
* First chance to purchase select Printed Matter Fundraising Editions
* Special Member benefits at Printed Matter’s Art Book Fairs
* 50% off tickets to NADA Art Fairs

By joining as a Printed Matter Member you help support the many programs and services we offer to artists and the public, including our nonprofit bookstores, publishing program, an artists’ book-focused exhibitions program, one of the world’s most extensive online catalogs and bibliographic resources for artists’ books, in-store and online discussions and performances, and our annual Art Book Fairs, always free and open to the public. Thank you for helping us continue to circulate art and ideas, create new opportunities for artists and independent publishers, and support the communities who produce this important work.

*To make your membership contribution fully tax-deductible, forgo your premiums by writing a note in the comments field during check out.

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($40 tax-deductible)

Receive Membership benefits including a 10% discount on most purchases for one year, plus:

For Friend Level Members, Tauba Auerbach has created Sierpiński Dust Bandana, a new two-color screen printed bandana. The edition shows the negative space in the self-similar Sierpiński Carpet*, a favorite fractal of the artist. Expanding on the tradition of bandana printing where black and white are deposited on colored cloth, Tauba has utilized a halftone gradient to create a 3D studded relief. The bandana measures 22" x 22”, and is made of 100% cotton. Accompanied by an artist-designed tag with custom font.

*The Sierpiński Carpet is a fractal created by dividing a square into 9 equal squares and removing the center one, then applying the same rule to the remaining squares, ad infinitum.

For renewing Friend Level Members:
If you have already received Sierpiński Dust Bandana, you may request to receive the Ray Johnson Bunny Heads Tote Bag as your gift. Please specify this request in the customer notes during checkout.


($70 tax-deductible)

Receive Membership benefits including a 10% discount on most purchases for one year, plus:

Contributor Level Members receive a signed copy of Rin Kim’s Hunters Follow Harpy Shadows, an experimental work taking the form of an extended poetic sequence in the high fantasy style, set in a world built from reimagined Korean folklore, biblical storytelling, and queer mythologies.


($150 tax-deductible)

Receive Membership benefits including a 10% discount on most purchases for one year, plus:

Supporter Level Members receive Studded Scarf, a three-color knit scarf designed by Tauba Auerbach, signed by the artist. The work zooms in on the stud element found in the Friend Level bandana, reproducing it as a rasterized relief and working with the pixelated quality of knitting. Rendered with black and white on a neutral ground, the form is repeated in two densely packed rows down the length of the scarf. The work measures 70" x 6” and is made of soft acrylic yarn. This Membership edition is accompanied by a signed tag from the artist.

*Please allow for a two week delay in delivery


($400 tax-deductible)

Receive Membership benefits including 10% discount on your purchases for one year, plus:

A selection of Printed Matter publications in the Untitled [Business As Usual] Tote Bag by artist Barbara Kruger. Titles include Art-Rite edited by Walter Robinson, Edit DeAk and Joshua Cohn; And Yet My Mask is Powerful by Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme; Name, Thing, Thing by Gerardo Madera, Depreciating Assets by Jessica Vaughn; and The High Line: A Field Guide and Handbook by Mark Dion.

Book Circle

($750 tax-deductible)

Receive Membership benefits including 10% discount on purchases for one year, plus:

Receive a selection of hand-picked artists’ publications three times over the next year through this special subscription service. Includes signed, vintage, and out of print selections, new Printed Matter titles, and other artists’ book favorites.

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($1600 tax-deductible)

Receive Membership benefits including a 10% discount on most purchases for one year, plus:

I TAUGHT MY HORSE TO COUNT… is a signed offset-printed ephemeral work by artist Raymond Pettibon, produced on occasion of Printed Matter’s 2015 Membership campaign. The work measures 8.5" in diameter and is floated in a black wood frame.

Institutional Member

Institutional ($250)

Join at the Institutional/Library level and receive an annual subscription to all new Printed Matter publications as they are released, plus special offers and a 10% discount on most purchases in-store and online.

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Student Membership

Student Memberships ($35) are also available for purchase in-store with a valid student ID. Student Members receive a Unity Press embroidered patch edition, plus all membership benefits.

For contributions above the Benefactor level, please contact Krista Manrique, Deputy Director / Director of Development, at or 212-925-0325.